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Islamic Studies - Years 7, 8, 9 T4 2019

Posted by Ms Samah Taki on 1 January 2020
Dear Parents/Caregivers,

I would first like to thank you for entrusting me with your children throughout this memorable year. It has been an absolute pleasure facilitating Islamic Studies and I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in our weekly critical discussions and reflections based on who we are as Muslims and the countless blessings our identity entails.

I have witnessed each one of your children develop into intelligent, responsible citizens that display the utmost respect for our beautiful deen as they continually take themselves accountable for their inward and outward state.
Throughout this term, all students have participated in the journey to getting closer to Allah (swt) as they had unpacked the measures of attaining taqwa- prohibiting the wrong and enjoining in the good.

Thank you to all students for striving to do your personal best throughout the year and I pray that you have all found each term beneficial with tools that you will carry with you throughout the rest of your life.

Kind regards,
Ms Samah

Author:Ms Samah Taki
Tags:Islamic Studies - Secondary

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