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Islamic Studies - Primary T3 2019

Posted by Mr Mehmet Sula on 14 October 2019

Alhamdulilah, we have come to the end of another term in which our students should be very proud of themselves. At the beginning of 2019, Islamic Studies department began focusing on the 'Living Islam Program' and had divided the year into two aspects the 'Belief' and the 'Actions' of a Muslim. This Semester we focused on the 'Action' of a Muslim, and hence had a term full of hands on activities. Years 4 and 5 were given the task to design an 'Islamic House Model' where students were asked to include anything and everything they possibly can think of, that should be in an Islamic house without having any restrictions. The task was greatly done and therefore had a huge impact in the lives of our students to the extent that our students were thinking of transforming their rooms/ houses to a more Islam friendly home.

Author:Mr Mehmet Sula
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