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Islamic Studies - 7-9 T3 2020

Posted by Mr Tarek Bagnato on 14 October 2020

This term, students focused on the fundamentals of Islam according to the methodology of Sunni Orthodoxy and the Hanafi school of thought. Students increased their understanding of the core beliefs of Islam: believing in Allah, His Angels, Books, Messengers, Day of Judgement, and Destiny. Students also have been taught in detail the essential divine commands, such as the testimony of faith, prayer, and almsgiving. The students did not only learn the outward rulings of these divine commands but also explored their spiritual aspects. Students improved their khushu in prayer by learning how to focus. One of the methods utilised to improve their focus was to stare at a candle for a couple minutes and to not think about anything at all but the candle!

Author:Mr Tarek Bagnato
Tags:Islamic Studies - Secondary

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