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Islamic Studies - 7-9 T1 2020

Posted by Mr Tarek Bagnato on 14 July 2020
Students enhanced their love for Allh by learning His Names and Qualities, and connecting to His Names through supplication and remembrance. In addition, students were also taught in each lesson to cultivate Allh's Names in their character, which means to replace egotistic and selfish traits with noble and perfect traits, as much as is within one's capacity.

Furthermore, students were also learning the Srah of the Prophet . We were constantly reminded of the importance of obeying the Prophet , taking him as our role model and guide. As he is the best of all creation, his heart was the soundest of hearts, his speech was the most truthful of speech, and he was the gentlest of all people in nature and noblest of them in relations. "And surely you are indeed of a magnificent character" (Q.68:4).

May Allah make us all draw nearer to Him, know Him, love Him, fear Him, and worship no-one but Him.

Author:Mr Tarek Bagnato
Tags:Islamic Studies - Secondary

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