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History Term 2 2021

Posted by Ms Aqsaa Khan on 24 June 2021
Students have been very productive in History this term. Students have studied a variety of different topics across all grades. Students in year 7 studied Ancient Egypt and Ancient China. Year 8 studied Japan under the Shoguns and the Ottoman Empire. Year 9 looked at the Industrial Revolution and WW1 & WWII. Year 10 have been studying Changing Rights and Freedoms and the Cold War, and Year 11 have studied The American Civil War and a Historical Investigation in which they were able to choose whatever topic they wanted in Modern History. Students chose topics such as 9/11, conspiracies behind Princess Diana's death, Conspiracies behind JFK's death, Abdulhamid II and a lot more. Year 12 studied their personality which was Akhenaten and their period study which was New Kingdom Egypt: Amenhotep III to the Death of Ramesses II.

Students across all grades were taught how to write a history essay using the PEEL structure. They have been looking at a variety of visual and written sources which are an important part of history and need to be included in all responses.

Next term, we will be starting Geography Inshallah.


Author:Ms Aqsaa Khan

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