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History T1 2019

Posted by Ms Ayesha Ardati on 16 April 2019
In Term 1, students at Irfan College studied a range of topics and engaged in a range of hands-on activities to supplement their learning.

Students in year 7 became archaeologists for the day and excavated choc-chip cookies using the gird-mapping technique. This allowed students to take on the role of searching for sources and using the same techniques that archaeologists use on the field.

The year 8 cohort attended an excursion to the Australian museum to compliment their stage 4 history content. They took a tour around the museum and were able to step into the past. We ended the day by participating in an educator program on Australia's ancient past.

Year 9 have completed their study on the Industrial Revolution and enjoyed studying the living and working conditions of people living during the time and investigating the concept of child labour. They also participated in the Urban Game where they were challenged to create a landscape that depicted the changes made to the English countryside during the Industrial Revolution.

Upon completing their depth study on Rights and Freedoms, the year 10 history class attended an excursion to the ANZAC War Memorial where they explored the lives of Australian servicemen and women through the museum objects. They ended their visit with a unique star ceremony in the Hall of Silence. Year 10 was commended by the Memorial staff on their excellent behaviour and participation.

Author:Ms Ayesha Ardati
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