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Geography T3 2019

Posted by Ms Aqsaa Khan on 15 October 2019
It has been a fun and productive term 3 for students in Geography. Year 7 students have been studying Landscapes and Landforms and the various natural features in our world. They looked at the different kinds of volcanoes and mountains and how they formed through the movement of tectonic plates. They went on to look at the aesthetic, cultural, spiritual and economic values of the Great Barrier Reef, the Three Sisters and the Murray River. Students enjoyed studying geomorphic hazards such as earthquakes and tsunamis. We discussed the importance of managing our landscapes and landforms so our future generations could enjoy them.

Year 8 students have been studying water in the world and discovering why some countries have more water than others. Students were very shocked when they learnt that out of all the water in the world, only 3% is fresh water that we can actually drink. Students discussed Australia's water resources and what we can do to stop wasting water and to help increase dam levels. Students looked at countries such as Bangladesh and Zimbabwe and the reasons for water scarcity in these countries.

Year 9 students have been studying Sustainable Biomes and how we are going to cater food production for the growing population. We looked at the various factors that affect how much food can be produced, such as water, temperature, soil, topography and technology. Students studied how to achieve sustainable food security for the future of Australia and the world so that the demand for food can be met.

Year 10 students have been studying Environmental Change and Management looking at how humans change our environment and how we can become sustainable so future generations can enjoy it. We looked at various human induced environmental changes such as coral bleaching, deforestation and plastic pollution. We then looked at ways to manage these changes through protecting the biophysical processes to help that environment function.

I'm looking forward to starting fresh in term 4, inshallah.

Author:Ms Aqsaa Khan
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