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Geography (Year 7 & 8) Term 4

Posted by Ms Jena Yalcinkaya on 18 December 2018
Geography (Year 7 & 8) Term 4

Assalamu Alaykum,

Year 7

This term in Geography our year 7 students studied the unit 'Place and Liveability'. Students' engaged in activities focused on developing an understanding of the differing perceptions of 'Place' as well as the distinct features and characteristics that make a place unique. Students were able to compare their own quality of life with those who are less fortunate than themselves. Students also examined the Economist Intelligence Unit's criteria for measuring the liveability of different parts of the world. Students' created their own criteria to measure the liveability of their neighbourhood and then they considered a variety of options for enhancing the livability of their suburb.

Year 8

This term in Geography our year 8 students studied the unit 'Interconnections'. Students took part in several activities investigating the ever-changing connection between oneself and the world. We looked at issues pertaining to 'Place' including place perception and territoriality. We also explored how different people impact or shape different places around the world, through cultural diffusion and adaptation. Students explored issues associated with the links between improving technologies in transport and ICT's and the subsequent effect this has had on us as individuals. We conducted interviews to gain a better understanding of how much Globalisation has developed over the years and we came to the conclusion that, it has in fact impacted us all much more than we realise.

Overall, it has been a fantastic term and I wish all students and their families a safe and enjoyable break.  

Ms Jena.

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