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English Year 8, 10, 12 - T4 2020

Posted by Mr Ozan Angin on 16 December 2020
Year 8 English students explored Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland by considering a children's classic in can be absurdly reimagined new and visually striking ways.

Year 10 English students explored Wilfred Owen's evocative war poetry by appreciating how the confronting horrors and pity of war are powerfully critiqued.

Year 12 English Advanced Students concluded their Common Module: Texts and Human Experiences with an in-depth study of these experiences with George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Year 12 Extension 1 English students completed their common module titled Literary Worlds. They considered literature from pre-modernity all the way through to post-modernity as a foundation for their extension 1 elective 'Worlds of Upheaval'.

Author:Mr Ozan Angin
About: English & Islamic Teacher
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