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English Term 4

Posted by Mr Ozan Angin on 18 December 2018
During term 4 in Year 7 English, students will be exploring drama. Students read a variety of plays in order to explore and analyse the forms, styles and techniques composers use to convey meaning, which will assist students in gaining a better understanding of both writing drama scripts and acting them out.

Year 8 English
During term 4 in Year 8 English, students studied 'Myths and Legends'. Students explored a variety of Myths from ancient myths like Greek and Nordic as well as exploring the origins of myths and the extent to which such myth were a Legend by including elements of truth within them. This unit expanded students' appreciation of mythical and legendary texts as they not only appreciated the language and ideas used, but also the practical and real-world aspects of myths and legends.

Year 9 English
During term 4 in Year 9 English, students studied two films as part of the Hero unit, 'The Matrix' and 'Gladiator'.  This film study allowed students to explore the idea of the 'unwilling hero' and how this idea unfolded within the film's plot. A main part of this unit also enabled students to undertake a close textual analysis of both films, as students needed to prepare for an essay response in the yearly examination.

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