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Ancient History T1 2021

Posted by Ms Aqsaa Khan on 12 April 2021

Year 12 Ancient History started the term by studying Spartan Society to the Battle of Leuctra. We looked at the structure of society which included the dual kingship, the ephorates, the Gerousia, the Eklesia, the Spartiates, the Periokoi and the helots. We looked at the role of women and Sparta as a military based society. We then moved on to the personality study which is Akhenaten. We looked at the major changes he made including the changes of his image from a traditional to an exaggerated look. We looked at the changes of the capital city from Thebes to Akhetaten as well as the change of religion from the worship of Amun to the worship of Aten.

Have a good break and I look forward to teaching everyone in term 2 inshallah
Author:Ms Aqsaa Khan
Tags:History - Secondary

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