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Islamic Studies - 7-9 T3 2020

Posted by Mr Tarek Bagnato on 14 October 2020
This term, students focused on the fundamentals of Islam according to the methodology of Sunni Orthodoxy and the Hanafi school of thought. Studen...
Posted in: Islamic Studies - Secondary  

Visual Arts T3 2020

Posted by Ms Danielle Jebara on 14 October 2020
This term has been a great term for the visual arts. Visual arts students have worked and continue to work tirelessly to create outstanding artwo...
Posted in: Art  

Science T3 2020

Posted by Mr Aladdin El Zoobi on 14 October 2020
Assalaam Alaykom, by the grace of Allah we have just concluded another beneficial term at Irfan College. I would like to wish everyone a happy and ...
Posted in: Science - Secondary  

Year 3 T3 2020

Posted by Ms Bilgesu Sezer on 14 October 2020
Term 3 was super busy with students taking part in a variety of hands on learning experiences. Students particularly enjoyed Science this term as t...
Posted in: Year 3  

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