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Year 6 - T4 2020

Posted by Ms Rukiyye Sayan on 16 December 2020
Term 4 has been a fantastic term Alhamdulillah! 6M has worked very hard this term and overall have displayed pleasing results particularly in Mat...
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Arabic - T4 2020

Posted by Mr Ertan Othman on 16 December 2020
Assalamu Alaikum,
Elhamdullilah we came to the end of another school year. The year was full of hardship and difficult times due to COVID-19, but w...
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Turkish - T4 2020

Posted by Ms Sevinc Kuscu on 16 December 2020
In Turkish lessons, students learnt the content in different forms. Year 10 completed their Turkish learning by roleplaying 'misafirperverlik...
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Year 1 - T4 2020

Posted by Ms Semra on 16 December 2020
What a year it has been for all of us! We made it through alhamdulillah. During our last term of year 1, we did many exciting activities througho...
Posted in: Year 1  

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